Once again we are at the beginning of a new year … and everybody is talking about and sharing their “New Year’s Resolution”.

I have to admit that over the years’ experience has jaded my view of resolutions and I know that many will come to nought, so I want YOU to try something different this year …

Let me tell you a quick story….

I was privileged to watch an interaction yesterday between an elderly man and a young lady in a local coffee shop. He was becoming more and more frustrated trying to send a text message and was obviously struggling with the fact that his eyes weren’t as keen as they used to be and the phone message font was a little too small for his eyes.

She watched for about thirty seconds and then sensing his rising frustration, she went over and asked him if she could help? He said, “What can you do?” and she offered to make the text font larger for him. He promptly gave her the phone and she quickly went to setup and enlarged the text message font for him and then spent a little time with him making sure he was okay with it before going back to her coffee.

Would you have got up and offered to help?

Sometimes we forget that we are raised with technology and it seems simple to us – like many of my friends who speak Arabic and English as if it were the natural thing to do! Many people struggle with technology that we take for granted!

When you see somebody having a spot of bother or becoming frustrated – how difficult is it to say, “Can I help you with that?”

So why don’t you make a resolution that you can try and stick to which is …

Set out today with the intention of stopping and helping somebody else, not for any reward, but because you genuinely want to help somebody.

And be patient, remember, your parents were patient teaching you how to use a spoon!


I hope you all have a fabulous 2018