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Coaching Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

I was struggling with my job as a Project Manager for a startup magazine and Coach Mike helped me to see things in perspective. He is like caffeine for my brain and enables me to dive into the heart of things and take action!

Ainne Frances dela Cruz
Project Manager, Bentrepreneur

Mike was engaged to provided user demand training content. He was tasked to create training videos. He provided an excellent service, going beyond the contracted remit, to provide to us top quality training materials. He is great to work with in a pressure situation, he maintains a good attitude at all times. I would highly recommend Mike for training, management, programme, and user facing work.

Robert Sutherland
Senior Manager, HC Technology

I directly reported to Mike in the SEC project and I found him to be a highly disciplined, committed & result oriented Project Manager. Mike always follows the ASAP Methodology and PRINCE2 / PMI standards for the whole life-cycle of the project starting from the initiation till the closure. Mike kept every team member on board and made collective decisions which leads every team members to buy-in and everybody keen to deliver at their best. Mike earned good reputation in the industry and I wishing him very best of luck for his future endeavors.

AK Lone
Solution Architect Lead, Enterprise Applications


Narrative There was a coach who had worked with various teams in different industries worldwide. She was known for her ability to motivate and engage with various team members, but she faced a new challenge when she was assigned to coach a team of software engineers...

A cost too far?

Shutterstock, Corund ID: 159452003 Most companies introduce change through a project or a programme comprised of multiple projects. The need for good project management is obvious but I come across many companies experiencing difficulties in delivery. This is often...

Take Action

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., gave us many memorable quotes and the one that has always stood out for me is the simple message from his sermon at Temple Israel of Hollywood where he said, “Through our scientific genius we made of the world a neighbourhood, but we failed...


Once again we are at the beginning of a new year … and everybody is talking about and sharing their “New Year’s Resolution”. I have to admit that over the years’ experience has jaded my view of resolutions and I know that many will come to nought, so I want YOU to try...

Wrong Turn Guys!

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash - Thank youJohn Maxwell (Leadership author) is quoted as saying, "To add value to others, one must first value others." I believe he has a point and worryingly, I am seeing a trend where many companies are hiring based upon the least...

Switch to Plan B

I always find this time of year interesting because of the large number of parents disconsolately saying if only young Oliver / Emily / Andrew etc. had just applied themselves a little more in their exams. Now what are they going to do? – What's our Plan B? As a...


Delegation – You simply can’t do everything yourself – In my line of business I often have to coach around delegation. Delegation is a fundamental skill set that everybody should develop.

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Do you need to be a specialist or a generalist?

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