Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash – Thank you

John Maxwell (Leadership author) is quoted as saying, “To add value to others, one must first value others.”

I believe he has a point and worryingly, I am seeing a trend where many companies are hiring based upon the least cost. A friend of mine recently shared with me how he negotiated new talent into the company as cheaply as possible and that he was rather proud of his newly developed strong-arm negotiating skills. Personally, I think that his real mission should be to get the best candidate for the best price – and strong arming candidates to save a few pennies isn’t the best option for any company. Do they not realise that as soon as a better offer comes along, these people will be off leaving their team minus one or more as well as feeling disenchanted and probably demoralised themselves.

We seem to have lost our respect for one and other and I believe we should all work together to change this stilted mind-set! We should question the payment of large shareholder dividends and instead, seek to pay people a decent living wage. Trust me, if you invest in your people, you will reap the benefits.

In the military we give medals to people who are prepared to sacrifice their lives in the service of others… in business we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others to benefit themselves!


Somewhere we have taken a wrong turn – We have to change our thinking and get back on the right track!


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