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I believe that coaching works and I can help you to perform better! But often people tell me I don’t have time for coaching!


The concept of coaching is not new, see my video on “What is coaching” for the history.

The International Coach federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Often people believe that coaching is counselling and that the coachee is in some way damaged or deficient to need coaching. Would you call Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Richard Branson deficient?  

Coaching is difficult to operationalise, and difficult to implement at work with other aspects demanding time. 

A recent report from BlessingWhite called “The Coaching Conundrum” concluded, “The conundrum in a nutshell,  While managers see the value of coaching and enjoy coaching—and while their direct reports say coaching adds to both their satisfaction and ability to contribute to the work—little coaching is taking place. Managers blame a lack of time and not having all the answers as key factors in why they don’t coach more.”

Often my coachees don’t have time due to other commitments or ongoing reactive efforts to work situations. 


10 Minute Coaching 

Yes, you heard me. I will coach you around a specific situation / issue for just 10 minutes. 

Be aware it is brutal – but it usually provides the spark of an idea so that you can address the concern and get on with your job.

Need 10-minute to start your fire?…

What I Can Help You With


Stakeholder Management

Root Cause Analysis

Project Management

Team Alignment

Conflict Management




Presentation Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Risk Management

Transition Management