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Team Coaching is the future
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I believe that team coaching is the future 


We live in a world that is 24/7 and our customers expect that we are doing business 24/7.  One-person can’t function properly for 24/7 without some degradation in performance.  It is physically not possible over a sustained period and obviously their quality of delivery is impacted. In today’s business climate, often we have reached the pricing floor and so quality and service are the determining factors in whether a business relationship is established or continued.

The solution to 24-hour operations is to have teams that work towards a common business goal or objective – the mission. For the past twenty years or more, management consultancies and leadership gurus have espoused the mantra of developing “High performance teams”.  More recently, the drive for greater efficiency with less people has led to teams being vulnerable to burnout or disengagement because some cannot or will not maintain the frenetic pace being asked of them.

Technology is a great enabler and the appearance of more and more Tech and AI doing routine tasks means that people are being freed up to adopt more creative roles in their teams.


This begs the question are the new teams performing as well as they can be expected to?

In the current circumstances I would venture to suggest – probably not.

You don’t have a highly paid striker on your football team and not tell the team to feed them the ball. You don’t pay a small fortune for a goalkeeper and not provide him/her with a line of defence who work in a coordinated way to thwart the opposition attacks. You don’t pay millions for a driver and put him in a substandard racing car.


That’s where I come in. 

Your most expensive team is probably your C-suite. But, Do they function as a bunch of expensive, talented individuals or do they work as a team? Do they have a common purpose or are they each driven by a different agenda relevant to their area of expertise and operational impact?

Have you asked them?  Probably not, but I can!

Now, more than ever, you know you need my help…