Our Services

You and your people can read the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMI PMBOK (TM)) or quote the PRINCE2 guides  –  but can you apply the knowledge within?  Can you make it happen? 

Consider this…  There are many gifted and talented football players out there, but without a good coach they remain just a good one man player and not a whole team.

Elev8,Coach provides a unique boutique service to any size of organisation where we work specifically with a specific individual, a specific team or multiple teams developing their skills and communication to address any challenges being experienced on a project.  We specifically set out to improve performance, to make the individuals and teams involved into higher performing units.

We coach executives in the art of managing project managers!  We coach project managers in the art of project management and we coach teams to conduct proper risk analysis and to communicate properly with ALL the stakeholders involved.

We can help you and your organisation to become a higher performing organisation – Perform Better – Get a Coach!

Why use a Coach?